Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal

"Chrysalis" ( Ola )

Monochrome Acrylic & Metallic Acrylics
(on Ampersand Gessoboard, 12x16in)
Original SOLD

Exhibitied at the Marlborough Art Society's Annual Members' Exhibition, 19 August to 3 September 2017

Reference photo from my beautiful niece, Ola who lives in London.

The word Chrysalis is used metaphorically for growth and beauty. It's about teenage girls finding their wings like butterflies, and tentatively finding their feet in the big wide world, and morphing into beautiful women. It's also about the complexities and phases in life we face - the constant metamorphoses as humans, as women. It's about daydreaming, imagination and imaginary scenarios, ideals, possibilities and change.

I love monochrome portraiture, and I've taken a real shine (excuse the pun) to the use of metallic, iridescent paints and copper patinas and I love how they compliment each other, and plan to explore this further with different metallic sheens and textures, to give my portraits a more contemporary feel. This is the first painting in the Chrysalis series.

pastel portrait by artist Karen Neal

Metallic inks painted over a monochrome acrylic painting

pastel portrait by artist Karen Neal

I love how the metallic paints change in the different lights, here is the painting on an angle in the night light

Closeups of the painting, showing the metallic paints layered over top of the monochrome acrylic painting.
Lots of beautiful coppers, bronzes, and teal, blue and purple shimmers

.... and here she is dressed in her framed, love the faux metal frame with a soft black wooden inner frame.

Closeup of the faux metal frame



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