Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal


(New Zealand Parakeet)

Scratchboard & Metallic Ink (8x8in)

(exhibited at Art Expo Nelson 18-20 August)

The reference photyograph was taken at Lochmara Lodge, in the Marlborough Sounds, where they have a breeding programme and predator-free sanctuary of these beautiful little endangered parakeets.

The Kākāriki, meaning ‘small green parrot’ in Māori, are beautiful forest birds. They feed on berries, seeds, fruit and insects, and generally nest in holes in trees. The red-crowned prefers to inhabit relatively open spaces in and around forest areas and frequently forages on the ground. It also prefers lower altitudes than the yellow-crowned species. Today, attacks by introduced predators are the main threat to käkäriki. Like other hole-nesters (for example, the yellowhead/ mohua and käkä), female käkäriki and chicks are vulnerable while they are in the nest since there is no escape route from predators that enter the tree hollows.

New Zealand Kakariki Painting by wiildlife artist Karen Neal

new zealand native kakariki parakeet bird

Framed in a beautiful latice wood moulding, with a Bellini black fillet

Scale photo

New Zealand Fantail Oil Painting by wildlife artist Karen Neal

Some closeups to show the detailing of the feathers and iridescence with the pearlescent and shimmer inks

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