Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal

"Stag's Cradle"

A commissioned scratchboard @ 46in wide x 33in, this artwork was a few months in the making. This size scratchboard is rather large, and was bespoke cut by Ampersand (USA), and imported to New Zealand (the largest we were allowed to import). He will be heading down to the south of the South Island - Glenorchy. The red wool is a play on the children's game Cat's Cradle, and entirely the client's idea! Several reference photos were used to achieve the composition, as well as the client modelling the wool for both of us to visualise just how the wool would work being entwined around the stag's antlers.

Stag painting artwork

On the easel prior to framing. It's not very often I have a stag on my front decking!
Beetle, my Maine Coon conveniently posing to give a sense of scale.

Stags Cradle scratchboard

Not short on models, my Russian Blue cat Koshka although not willing to pose is giving some sense of scale!

Stags Cradle scratchboard framed

It's a very classy frame with a silver thread running through it, perfect for this size artwork.
Framed by Seymour Picture Framing, Blenheim with the lovely wide Larson Juhl NZ Majorca moulding.

closeup scratchboard work

Closeup of the artwork

Using tattoo needles, #11 scalpel blade and fibreglass brushes to get the different textures and etchings

scratchboard tools


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