Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal

"The Tea Series"

"Miromiro" (New Zealand Tomtit Study)

Pastel (framed size 26x26cm)
Original SOLD

Miniature pastel and pencil bird studies on deckled paper stained with coffee/tea. This format is designed to be smaller affordable original artworks.

This beautiful wee bird is endemic to New Zealand, and I come across him on Ulva Island, which is a wildlife sanctuary island just off Stewart Island. The tomtit is a forest and shrubland, rarely seen in highly modified open habitats, such as farmland and suburbia

New Zealand tomtit drawing

Framed floating on a black metallic matboard with a lovely black grain moulding

New Zealand tomtit drawing


On miniature easels at the framers

Robin paintings by NZ Artist Karen Neal

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